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It's Time To Take Your Pen Back!

Let's explore the deeper spaces of you through my Free 5-Day Intensive Journal Guide to take your pen back and write your own story.

5 Days. 5 Emails. 5 Deeply Engaging Journal Prompts. All Free.

When I tell you that your story matters, what reaction do you have?  If you are anything like me, several thoughts come to mind:

  • what story?

  • why?

  • I don't know my story.

  • nothing important has really happened in my story.

  • no one wants to hear my story.

  • it's too complicated.

I'm here to help you LOVE your story, so we need to do a little work to get there.  We need to face these thoughts, questions, and more. The 5-Day Intensive Journal is designed to do just that!