Ivory and Ash Grey Photo DIY Influencer
Ivory and Ash Grey Photo DIY Influencer
I see you. I hear you. I believe you.

YOU have found yourself compliant with programming and relationships that no longer fit who you are, who you want to be.

YOU know you want something different. Whatever this is, its not working. It's holding you back from something.


YOU are ready to own who you are but may have a lot to risk relationally, spiritually, and, likely, socially. You need support to make this journey.


YOU look quiet to the world, but you are ROARING in your spirit. You have so much to express and offer.


YOU want to separate from old stories that may or not have been written by you. You want to tell the story your way.


YOU want to feel confident in who you are and like yourself for all the uniqueness you possess.  


YOU may be a bit lost or stuck in your deprogramming or deconstruction. If you know these words, then you know the feeling.


YOU want to dream and you want your dreams to come ALIVE!


YOU want to stop surviving life and start THRIVING in it!


Beauty...It's your time!
What does 1:1 Coaching Include:
  • Private weekly coaching via Zoom and Voxer. (this is customizable to work with your travel, work and life schedule. Some clients prefer biweekly or monthly).

  • A customized time frame for working together starting with a minimum of 3 months.

  • A Pre-Coaching In-Take questionnaire to learn all things you and to help support your needs.

  • 3 Hour Breakthrough Session to dive into your personal history and breakthrough your programming to liberate you.

  • Voxer support (voice memos) and email support between our sessions.

  • Individually developed areas of focus to help you navigate a forward direction and to release old stories.

  • Deep dive into your personal values and motivators to help us discover the beautiful voice of your soul.

  • Resources that support your specific journey.


You Are Worth The Investment

Giving yourself priority and resources is not easy to do...especially when you're not used to doing it.

Your first step was clicking on my website. Your second step is right here, right now...booking the Discovery Call with me. 

I believe YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

When I hired my Life Coach for the first time, it felt like a radical step of indulgence.  I wasn't sure I deserved this or if the sacrifices financially would be worth it.

You wouldn't be on this page right here, right now, if I hadn't said yes to investing in me. 


Your next step is to schedule your free Discovery Call with me...no obligation.

Let's talk about what's possible for YOU!


What's Your Investment?​


Custom Packages:
  • Packages Starting at $7997 USD 

  • Pay In Full rate

  • Monthly & Extended payment options