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Module 4: Implementing My Boundaries

Implementing My Boundaries Audio

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Thank you for sharing your time with me in this digital course. I hope it supported you to transform your relationships and empower you to live a life of thriving! 

We don't come to a course like this without struggle, pain or hurt.  I wanted to leave you with a little bonus meditation that you can return to as often as you would like or need to. 

Forgiveness can be a gateway to your healing journey, but I don't see it the way I used to in my religious upbringing. I see it as a way to disconnect from the energy that sits between me and those I have painful pasts with. It's an opportunity to move forward on my terms.

When you untether yourself from this energy, you liberate your life. You change how tomorrow gets to be lived.

A Bonus Meditation For You

PS- How can I support you today? I'd love to chat zoom-to-zoom with you if you'd like. It's strings attached. I realize that transformation is complex and, although healing, it does not have to be done alone. I'm here for it!  Schedule a call with me and let's connect on whatever you need or want for today.

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