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Welcome to Boundaries For Thriving
Digital E-Course

A Message from Jess and the introduction to our course.

What To Expect
  • Go at your pace! You will need to be logged in here at my website to access each module's content. The original Mastercourse was guided weekly with a group coaching aspect (including zoom calls together and a private community group).  You have opted for the digital course which offers you all the content of the Mastercourse without the group coaching.  You will find a button below each course to navigate to the next module. 

  • Join my Community Space.  This space is for my broader community who engage with a variety of my courses, coaching, blogging, meditations, podcasts, and more. This is always a free space! Join Here.

  • Journal prompts (aka The Work) will be posted in each of the lessons.

  • If you have questions along the way, you can email my team at I won't be answering course questions in DMs. It's very hard to make sure your questions are answered promptly via DM's.  I will be looking to support you by email and through my community space.

  • Free Coaching Call! This is available to you if you would like to get on a call with me. I'd love to discover who you are and support you during your time in this digital course. Click Here to get on my schedule.

Bonus Support Opportunity

If you would like additional support during this course, I offer Voxer Coaching. This is a walkie-talkie or voice memo platform where I can offer additional support, encouragement, and coaching.  If this interests you, please check out what is available to you during this journey. 

Voxer Coaching

Bonus Download: 5 Myths of Boundaries

Before we get started on our Mastercourse, don't forget to download your FREE Bonus. We all have different ideas of what boundaries (healthy boundaries) should look and feel like. This download will help you understand what boundaries are NOT. 



Let's get started!

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