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4-Week MasterCourses

Let's dive deep topic by topic!

The Mastercourses are designed to support you in 4-week containers on topics that

support your current journey to wholeness.

Courses run throughout the year with a variety of topics:

  • Boundaries For Thriving

  • Scripting Your New Year

  • Taming Your Inner Critic

  • Deconstructing Series: Rewriting Your Traditions

  • And more!!

Lovely, let's empower You!
What My Mastercourses
  • 4 weeks in a Masterclass Private Facebook group.

  • 2 Live Group Coaching calls per week: 1 Live teaching, 1 Live Q&A

  • Weekly Journal prompts and explorations

  • Group Facebook available 24/7 for sharing, connecting and questions.

  • Worksheets and resources that support the Mastercourse topic.

What's Up Next?

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Boundaries For Thriving

The power of healthy boundaries is that we get to teach others how to treat us.  The consequence of not having healthy boundaries is that we teach others how to treat us.

Learn how to support your emotional and mental health through establishing the personal boundaries that move you from surviving to THRIVING!

Start Summer 2022:
  • Boundaries Assessment

  • Boundaries-For-Thriving Framework

  • Week 1: How Do I Know I Need Boundaries?

  • Week 2: Five Types Of Boundaries

  • Week 3: What Do Healthy Boundaries Sound Like?

  • Week 4: Implementing My Healthy Boundaries

What's Your Investment?​


4-Week Courses:
  • $197 USD

  • Bonus: 5 Myths of Boundaries Download when you register.

  • Group Course with a private Facebook group.