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It's Your Voice I want to hear!
Ivory and Ash Grey Photo DIY Influencer

I know you have a story that is aching to be heard. 

Maybe it's a chapter. Maybe it's a paragraph. Maybe it's a sentence.

But it wants to be heard.

And I want to hear it!

I want you to send me a piece of your story. Tell me the part that needs to be heard. I want to read it and I want to respond to it. 

You Write. I read. We Connect.
Here's How it Works

  • Fill out the form (your name, email) so that I can respond to you.

  • Tell your story. I've provided a form for you right on this page, but you can also type in the box "I'm going to email it to you".  Just make sure to complete the form so I know to look for your story in my inbox. If you choose to email me, send it to

  • Write me a paragraph, a chapter, a sentence....whatever makes sense to you right now. 

  • Your story doesn't need to be finished. We are all in progress with our lives and so our stories are too. Tell me what YOU want me to hear.

  • No one reads them but me!

  • No one responds to them but me!

  • I will write you back because I want you to know how your story impacted me...this is how we connect as humans!

  • My responses won't be coaching or advice or therapy (I'm not a therapist!). My response will be how I'm impacted by the life you live or the person you are or the dream you have. We tell stories to each other to feel the connection between us as humans.  There is always a standing offer to coach with me, but I promise not to do that in this space. I am respecting and reserving this space just for sharing.

  • It may take me time to respond so I just ask for patience.

  • My promise to you: I WILL read your story and you WILL hear from me. 

Ivory and Ash Grey Photo DIY Influencer
I see you. I hear you. I believe you.
My Story Matters!
I might me interested in sharing my story publicly.