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Pillar One: Uncover

PDF Values List

Engage your current values and see if you can reduce them to your Top 5 Values.  These will be the values you operate from currently. Remember that values are something you can change or adjust the priority setting.  Knowing where you are today will help you to see how your model of the world is being experienced by you.  There are no right or wrong values or a desired prioritization.  We will all have a different outcome.

I do recommend downloading and printing it out if you can.  You may want to start with circling all the values that connect with you, then place them in a separate list for reducing and prioritizing.

It's time to tell a little story...a story of you.

Think of your life, no matter how long it's been lived to date, in three significant chapters.  You get to decide how you will choose these three chapters (timeline, events, stages of life, transitions, etc)—your choice. 

Title these chapters.

Under each of these chapters, write 1-3 sentences that describe this chapter, its essence. It's not detailing events or explaining a situation. It's about grabbing the feeling you have about this chapter of your life. How would you sum it up?  You can use words that paint a picture of any or all of your senses, including your soul.

Then choose one word that anchors in the feeling of this chapter. Circle it (or if typing this out, bold it).

Now, currently at this moment (not what you want it to be in the future) finish this statement using one word:

The Story of Me is about __________.

How do you feel about this story?

Stop Living Their Story
And start writing yours!

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