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Personal Coaching from an App!

Let's support you right where you are...

  • between meetings

  • while the kids are playing soccer

  • on your lunch break

  • in the bubble bath

  • walking the dog

  • on your run

  • while you're making dinner

  • all of the places!

There is this wonderful little app called Voxer. It works like a walkie-talkie or a voice memo without having to share your phone number with me.  I use this little beauty while I'm supporting my one-on-one (private) clients.  This allows us to dig a little deeper between our sessions together (or as a stand-alone). It keeps us connected on our work together and allows us to celebrate the wins along the way!

For my group program members, I have created a few packages that allow a Voxer coaching series with me during your work with the group. There are limits to how often I can be accessed (of course!)...I call these office hours. 

Here's what you can expect from me:

  • Office Hours: I will be checking in on my Voxer Clients Tuesday thru Friday, roughly 10am to 7pm PST. I do coach group and 1:1 clients during these hours as well. I will reply within 24 hours during office hours.

  • The Voice memo time limit is 3 min.

  • Once your package time is complete, you can choose to continue coaching with me through a new group program or 1:1 Coaching Series, but our Voxer communication will end.

  • Remember...this is coaching space. This space is about moving the work you are doing to those deeper levels. My focus is to offer you additional coaching and support in the work you are choosing to do. . I will not be helping with technical issues here. You can always reach out to for help with tech questions, calendar questions, zoom calls no extra cost to your program.

If this extra support sounds like a good fit for you, please click away to join! Consider it bonus support to the program work you are doing.  Please choose the package for the group program you are enrolled in.

Voxer Coaching  Add-On Packages:

Voxer - Mastercourse Members - Program Add On

  • Must be enrolled in a current Mastercourse Program

  • 4 weeks of Voxer Coaching 

  • For Mastercourse members

  • $49 (one-time pay in full fee)

Voxer - Mastermind Members - Program Add On

  • Must be enrolled in a current Mastermind Program

  • 7 months of Voxer Coaching (more access to me than Mastercourse Voxer Coaching)

  • For Unleashed Mastermind members

  • $79/mo OR

  • $474 if paid in full (one month free!)

Beauty...I'm here for you!
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