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Before booking a call with me, I encourage you to do a little research on me. I've filled my website with information that helps you know who I am and the kind of work I do as a coach and creator. 

Read my blogs.
Listen to my podcasts.
Find out who I am. 

I am not for everyone. 
I challenge the systems we have been living in and the programming we have navigated life by.
I have rocked the boats...many of them.
I won't save you.
I won't hold back
because you deserve more than feel-good mantras.
I will challenge your life strategies and perceptions.
I will remind you of your commitment to yourself to do the hard work of shifting, changing, and expanding.
I will confront your excuses so that you know what you need to move through.

My purpose as a coach is not to make you feel good.
It's to challenge the comforts of your current way of doing life SO THAT you can move into the life you are craving.

You see...I take my clients seriously and the outcomes they are desiring.


During our call together, I will be coaching you.

Hiring a life coach is a personal investment in your future and I want you to walk away with an experience of what it might be like to work with me.

When we are finished with our 90 min mentoring session, one of a few things might happen:

  1. You and I may go our separate ways because it was just what you needed at this time in your life.

  2. I may offer you a resource or referral, or

  3. You may want to know what more of this could look like and what it means to work with me in a deeper capacity or longer term. (and we can chat about that more if this is where you land, but there will be no pressure from're writing the story. I'm helping you discover, find and live it!)

Now...if I haven't scared you off...

If investing in yourself and your future matters to you...

If you are ready to do the work of unlearning your programming...

If you are ready to step into a world of possibilities with no more excuses holding you back...

If you are ready to get really curious about your life...


...then keep scrolling down and fill out the In-Take Form. This is where our journey together begins.


Once you've completed that, you will be sent an email with a link to make your payment. After that is complete, you will be sent my scheduling link so you can schedule your session with me. I can't wait!


In-Take for your 90-Minute Mentorship Session

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