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IT all works great until it doesn't

There's this moment where doing all the things isn't enough anymore. It lacks meaning and feels more like....a default mode.

You do the things because you always have.

You believe the things because you always have.

You like the things always have.

Life breaks through "the way you always have" to show you it's not really working for you anymore.

You're outgrowing your programming...your default mode...and it's time to shift.

Change your beliefs and you change your life!

The Limits of you.

Did you know you have limits to who you can be, where you can go and what you can do with your life? 

You do. 

Maybe you've reached them.

And that feels pretty shitty.

That's not very empowering, is it? But it wasn't meant to be. If you don't understand your reality you can't change it.

The reality is that you have limits that are self imposed.

These limits guide your desires, fears, choices and decisions. They also tell you who you are and how you should show up in life. They form your identity and create the way you see the world, the way you human. 

Your limits aren't your lack of courage...

or your circumstances...

or your relationships...

or your education...

or your career...

or your lack of  boldness...

or your skills.

Your limits are your beliefs.

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You didn't choose your first beliefs.

You came into this life with someone else's idea of how life should be lived. Your parents, culture, community was decided for you in the beginning. You learned how to talk, think, communicate and navigate life based on what you were taught.


Someone showed you how and what to believe. How they saw you is how you learned to see yourself. For good or for bad. 

If you were like me, part of that "programming" involved religious beliefs too. You learned what to value in life and what to believe about humans and God. These are massive influences in our life that can empower us or they can limit us.

Your formative beliefs are so deeply embedded that living outside of them becomes a conflict of the soul. 

Living outside of our formative beliefs gets names like...







and more.

These are powerful identities that "keep us in line".  So you hold the beliefs you were given and live into all the expectations.

And then it happens.


You often don't question what you believe until the circumstances of your life get so loud you can't make sense of it anymore.

The overwhelm of  change.

The paralyzation of shame.

The fear of being seen in your failures.

The hopelessness of all the questions and no answers.

The disconnect from a community that once felt safe and accepting.

The disillusionment of your beliefs not living up to what they profess.

The uncomfortableness of not valuing what you once did.

The lack of meaning to your life.

So it becomes time to take inventory of what you believe and why.

It's time to choose your beliefs and remove the limits on your life!


Here's the empowering part.


You can write the rest of your story on limitless possibilities instead of limiting beliefs.

I did.

I wrote a new story.

The story that was always in me, waiting.

I let it get buried by louder narratives, fears, circumstances, and cultural expectations. Before I knew it, I was sitting on the sidelines surviving a life rather than LIVING one.


 It was about taking my pen back and writing my story the way I wanted to.

After years of narcissistic abuse and deeply embedded religious programming, a friend told me to stop giving my pen away. I was letting everyone else write a story that I didn't even like living. It felt asinine when I thought about it this way. I was giving others permission to tell me how to live. I let them decide what I valued, liked and aspired to. My programming had become a powerful road block to living authentically and freely.

 It connected with me in my deconstruction as well. It was about leaving a story god wrote for me (literal belief) and said that I can live the life I want to live.


I can decide my future…I’m not owned by anyone else's storyline.

And that began my quest to Unfuck My Mind!

So how do we unfuck our heads from deeply embedded beliefs of shame, fear and limits?


One truth at a time. Your truth. The truth you’ve known deep inside all along. The truth you denied in order to live up to the expecations. You are a powerful guide to your own unlearning.


I didn’t unlearn and unfuck my mind alone. I found support and voices that gave me permission to ask questions and stay curious. I found people that didn't use shame and fear to have a relationship with me. I found love outside the walls of my programming.


Are you ready, Curious Unlearner?

Ready to evolve on your terms?

Ready to unfuck your mind and liberate your life?

Jessicah Travis in Africa
Let's Unleash you one truth at a time!
In this Circle...

I won't save you.

I won't convert you to a new ideology.

I won't tell you how or what to believe.

I won't be your guru or your leader.

See, I think those things are toxic.  When we remove a soul's ability to choose, then we create a human that only follows.  And I think you're so much more than that.

What if you could save yourself? What could that feel like? What would you save yourself from or into?

And what if saving wasn't even the point anymore?

What if the whole fucking point was curiosity? What would you get really curious about?

You don't need saving! You need liberation!
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Unfuck Your Mind
and Live a Liberated Story!

90 Days To Unfuck Your Mind is a live coaching circle designed to help you unravel from the programming, toxicity, and empower you to live a liberated life!

We will begin the next session either Summer or Fall of 2024. Our group coaching calls will be hosted on 3 Wednesday evenings a month for 2 hours.  We will have ongoing conversations throughout the week in our digital group space...this is where we get to explore and expand as much as we want!


I created a card deck to support my clients in spiritual deconstruction.  That deck spurred an interest to form a more official space to Unlearn or Unfuck Our Minds.  There is a lot of work we can do alone or 1:1, but I think that one of the most impactful losses to exiting our faith culture is a need to commune and belong. 

I created this live coaching circle to do just that...and more.


Commune, Belong & Unlearn! 

Curiosity is our guide and where it takes us will be where we need to go.  You'll see a framework for this coaching container below, but remember that we will be live coaching in a group 3 times a month. These are 2-hour calls and they will be powerful! 

I plan to fuck with your past beliefs not so I can convert you, but so that you can be released to choose what you let in and how you want to live.  Trust me...this is powerful. 

Instead of a tangled mess of knotted yarn, it will be strategic coaching to unravel your dominant programming. 

You will face it and decide if it stays or goes.

You are in control.

You are the leader of your own life.

I've been in exvangelical spaces that have you bring it all to the Facebook wall and leave it there. I think it's so short-sided to our ability to grow. They've tapped into a need for community and honesty, but have not yet traveled through the deprogramming with intention. I want to do that with you in this space.

Will you give me 90 days?

Will you give YOU 90 days and see what you can free yourself from?

The Framework

This is an organic space. That means we follow a framework, but we go where we need to go as a community of Curious Unlearners. I have created key points that I believe are vital to the deconstruction journey, but I trust each member in this circle to help guide us where we need to go. Trusting ourselves to know what we need is a new skill we learn in deconstruction.

We will also identify where you are currently in the deconstruction journey. There are 6 stages and understanding each one can help you move through it with intention.


You have a pre, during, and post-religion identity. We will discover each one and how they create who you are today.


It's a jumbled mess in our heads, right?! This is where the great unfucking happens.

We won't decide your new get to do that. But we will navigate how you journey through the untangling from the deeply embedded systems within you.

Family Relationships

Life partners, children, in-laws, siblings, parents...if we share the same belief systems these can create a lot of complexity when deconstructing.

Self Trust

Self-denial was one of the highest virtues in Evangelical Christianity.  Even our acceptance by God is dependent on our ability to "die to self".  We will rediscover your intuition and empower you to live in liberated self-agency.


Humans have a need to belong. In deconstruction, this is often the most monumental cost we experience. Let's define community, what we want and how we create it post-church.

Purity Culture

Masculinity, femininity, sexuality and roles were all defined for you. They were mandated and incentivized with God's favor.

Let's blow this small box up and celebrate the beauty that exists outside of purity culture. Healing is possible!


We have 9 live coaching calls together as a group. We will find, together, all the areas that you and your UFYM Circle need to liberate. This is an organic experience together. There is a framework, but together we are a part of leading the liberation.

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Who Am I?

I am the one who threw out the big girl panties and built my boundaries.

I am the one who gets 1-Star Ratings on her podcasts because she's pissing off all the right people!​

I am a survivor of the Pastor's Wife's life.

I am the one calling out the Oppressors so we can ALL heal.

I am your ally to liberation and freedom.

I am a human who has healed herself more times than she can count. 

I am the one who chose sight-saving brain surgery...twice.

I am a fucking Lionness with a really loud roar!


My story has many chapters that have evolved me into a woman who calls Bullshit on the "way it's supposed to be".  I've learned how to de-program from toxic and hurtful beliefs and practices, but even more...I've learned how to coach my clients into clean and supportive breakthroughs.  The kind of breakthroughs that change the future!

I have been coaching women through new mindsets for the last three years, but my coaching began over 20 years ago as a teen mentor. This evolved into coaching runners in 2014. Coaching has been a way of life for me. I am a Certified Master NLP (neurolinguistic programming) Practitioner and certified in Spiritual Trauma work. I look forward to bringing all these skills, practices, and processes into my work with you.

What I do is very sensitive work.


When someone leaves a toxic situation, like an evangelical religious community, and they're starting to get back on their feet, they often feel a deep sense of fear about who they even are. They're incredibly brave for walking away, but they don't know what's next.

Who am I? What now? What's my purpose? 


I help them to heal, clear away the fog of the past, and remember how powerful they are for even walking away. I help them write a new story for their entire lives. The one they like!


My story is still being written and you get to be witness to it! I encourage you to click through my website and listen to my podcasts. I share so much of who I am and give you snippets of the kind of work I do.

Jessicah Travis

You Are Worth The Investment

Giving yourself priority and resources is not easy to do...especially when you're not used to doing it.

Your first step was clicking on my website. Your second step is right here, right now...reserve your spot!

I believe YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

Some of my deepest work has happened inside fierce coaching circles. I not only had a coach but I had other women/peers building into me and my dreams.

You wouldn't be on this page right here, right now, if I hadn't said yes to investing in me.


Your next step is to register below. I'm not marketing this far and wide. This is small, intimate, and mostly by invitation. If you are at all interested, reserve your spot!


Here's What You Get!

  • UFYM COACHING CIRCLE is currently on a waitlist for the 2024 session

  • 3-month coaching container on a private group platform. (a $5000 value)

  • Limited Enrollment - this Coaching Circle is capped at 15 so that I can dive deeper with each of you over the 3 months. Once the registration hits 15, the group will close.

  • Coaching and Peer Mentoring. You will be an active part of each other's story development. You don't just get me, your coach. You get other beautiful women who get to know and see you just as you want to be experienced. You have no one to live up to in this are free to come as you are. I guarantee you that you will be inspired and you WILL inspire. (an invaluable value of what you give to each other!)

  • Three zoom calls a month to support the work we are doing and for coaching. (a $11,700 value)

  • A monthly rollout of resources to support the deconstruction journey. This will include audio downloads, action items, journal prompts, and more...all done at your own pace. (a $2000 value)

  • Pay in Full Bonus: A 1-hour private coaching session with me to focus on your individual journey. We will strategically schedule this during our 3-month Coaching Circle. AND a pay-in-full rate! (a $1050 value)

  • Join the WAITLIST OR Pay in Full, and receive an UNFUCK YOUR MIND CARD DECK!!!

Total Value: $19,792 USD
Don't worry! This isn't what you will pay for the session.
Scroll down for Pay-In-Full pricing and Payment Plans.

Note: This value amount has been calculated off Jessicah’s 1-hour coaching rate, plus the price of the coaching programs outlined if you should purchase them alone, in-full)

What My Clients Say

The biggest change I've witnessed is my willingness to SHOW UP for myself. One of my goals was to find joy in my day and I truly make an effort to do that. My relationships have improved because I am HAPPIER and bring a BETTER ENERGY to the people in my life.”
~ Athena P.
"Amazing. Divine. Supported. I have no problem dreaming and creating goals for myself.

The Part You've been Waiting For

UFYM Course Registration
Select The Plan that Works best For you

3 monthly payments of $666 USD

(That's ironic)

7 monthly payments of $286 USD

Have questions for me?
Apply below and schedule a deep dive call with me...we can answer your questions!
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