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Change your programming...
Change your life!

What I do...

Enjoying the Nature


I work with women who have silenced themselves to oppressive systems and cultures they live in. These women want to be enough, take up space in the world, and discover what is possible for them.  They are questioning the beliefs they've held for so long and not seeing how they fit with them anymore.  They are ready to feel deeply, vibrantly, and wildly about...well..sometimes anything! They know they have something inside that wants to be revealed. They want to trust themselves and feel confident in how they engage the world around them.

As a Master NLP Practitioner, I will guide you through strategic breakthroughs to allow you to create the life of freedom you've been craving.

Liberating your story is about setting free what makes your soul sore! It's finding out how profound you are and living fiercely into it!  



I want to hold space for those moving through spiritual transformation and deconstruction of their faith. I support people in the process and guide them into space where spiritual freedom and practice are celebrated through one-on-one and group coaching environments.


We will create safe places to process through the awakenings of your soul that allow you the freedom to consider, ponder, practice, and embrace the spiritual life you want to have.  I've been through the deconstruction process and the remapping of my spiritual practices so you are not alone.

Unraveling from your programming is about finding you, ALL OF YOU, beneath it. Create an aligned value system, release limiting beliefs, and heal from oppressive communities.


My podcast, Liberate Your Story, is about finding the limiting beliefs and untangling ourselves from them. 

Meditating in Mountains


Maybe think of me as your Life Doula.  Just like the journey women take through childbirth, you take journeys emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I will support you during those spaces in your life that are so large, so transitional, that you find yourself 

at the crux of paralyzation or survival.


You may not have chosen the circumstances or the timing, but I KNOW you CAN  make the choice in how you pass through it.  I want to help you EMBRACE it.... the now, the hard, the pain.

I believe that fear will have no space to win when we make the brave choice to walk right down the middle of IT.

Things I learned in the Year of Jess✨_I


I would love to support you in your journey to peaceful, loving, joyful and daring relationships with your entire being – mind, body & soul.  Healing my own body inside and out was the most spiritual experience I've known. 


I'd love to be your guide. 


Will you let the world see YOU?  I know she's beautiful and alive with possibilities.  I'd love to create the space and guidance for you to discover HER in all her vast complexity, creativity and charisma.  Let's discover what you need to move out in a life that is empowered by YOUR TRUTH.

What is NLP and what does an NLP Practitioner do?



The physical, mental and emotional components of our neurology at the conscious and unconscious levels.



Linguistics pertains to the language we use, how we communicate with each other, and, even more importantly, how we communicate with ourselves, particularly at the unconscious level.



Perceiving your mind as your internal operating system, programming is the way our past experiences, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs affect all areas of our life.

NLP is simply the language of YOUR mind!

Let's put it this way...

Have you ever felt like you are speaking a different language than everyone around you?  It's like you see and understand the world from a completely different context.

Well...actually you do.  You have your very own set of experiences that have guided you to see the world the exact way that you do.  This is what I think makes us as humans so incredibly fascinating!  

It's also what can make life with each other so complicated. 


You see, we all integrate our experiences through a set of filters. Whatever gets through these filters helps create our internal operating system.  These experiences that get to integrate at our unconscious level...well those are the ones we build our strategies from. And those strategies create how we live the life we do.

Let's say you want to break a habit or a cycle.
But you keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. You've heard that this is the definition of insanity.'s not insanity!
It's a communication problem between the conscious and unconscious mind. 

And there is a solution for this!

This is where I come in!

An NLP Practitioner has a set of tools, techniques, and training that help the "server" of your operating systems (the unconscious part of you) finally understand what it is you want and make it ALL possible. 

I find this especially helpful in coaching my clients when they feel like "something is holding me back" or "I feel like this part of me wants to quit my job but this part of me wants stability".  Together, we find the boundaries of our current "thinking" and we open it up (liberate it!) to free us into the life we ACTUALLY want to be living.

Who is helped by NLP Coaching?

It's easy for me to say EVERYONE!  

I also realize that we need to know if we are part of the "everyone" when we feel misunderstood, confused or conflicted.  So let me give you a few examples:

  • I'm feeling detached from important relationships and not sure why.

  • I have habits or behaviors I don't like but tried ALL the habit-setting ideas out there (it doesn't have to take 66 days to form a new habit, by the way! YOU have more control of your mind than that!)

  • I grew up believing certain things but now I don't think I like those things or I just don't connect with them anymore.

  • I have levels of anxiety around certain things that I don't understand or I just don't want anymore.

  • I want to give a Tedx Talk someday but I am terrified of public speaking.

  • I don't have the boldness to go after what I really want in life/career.

  • I have a belief about myself that keeps me from being who I want to be.

  • I'm not supposed to want/do/be that.

And so many more examples.  I think of it in terms of personal liberation.  I don't like "this" holding me back and I don't want to be held back anymore, right??!!

So why choose me as your NLP coach?

Well, I don't bullshit anyone into feeling better about themselves. I like my own blocks to be done and gone I want that for you too. highest value is Justice.  Because of this, I see personal liberation as a justice mission.  Something that has us caged and isolated from the life we want to be living or from being our true self...well... that just isn't ok.  We have exterior justice issues to contend with but if we have not contended with our inner justice issues (liberation!) then the exterior ones become mountains to climb. 

If we live a liberated life, a story we want to be telling the world....then ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

What is NLP?
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As a white woman owning my own business, I am committing to continual education and search for what I do not yet know.

My eyes remain open.

I am committing to keeping justice at the top of my core values.

My podcasts, blogs and business offerings and agenda will be led by justice and equality.

I know I will make mistakes, but I will admit them and learn.

I will evolve.

I choose to be an ally to marginalized communities and will look for ways my business can support solutions than end oppression.

I will keep producing space for all stories to be shared and developed.

I commit to supporting YOUR story through podcast, coaching, blogs and more.

I commit to change. 

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