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Your Mind

A Deconstruction Oracle Deck 

Liberate your mind and you liberate your story!

The Unfuck Your Mind Deconstruction Deck is a high-quality 52-card boxed deck for curious

un-learners on a journey of spiritual deconstruction.

The cards have rounded corners printed in high gloss on high-quality double-sided 14pt stock and in full color. Each card has a unique affirmation with a meditation prompt.


Created by NLP Life Coach & Podcaster, Jessicah Travis, to help you Unfuck Your Mind from religious programming and oppressive ideology.

$42 + Shipping/Handling

Deconstruction Oracle Deck
Deconstruction Oracle Deck Sample
Deconstruction Oracle Deck Sample
Deconstruction Oracle Deck
Deconstruction Oracle Deck Sample

And don't forget to join the community of Curious Unlearners! Resources, webinars, and discussions...all free!

Join the UF Your Mind & Liberate Your Story Community

The point of the deck...I see you!

I created this Community as a companion to the deck. It has been critical for me to find community during deconstruction of my faith because it was one the BIGGEST losses of rethinking how I viewed God, myself, and the world around me. I didn't quite fit...actually, I didn't fit at all anymore. It doesn't have to be a lonely journey though.

It requires intentionality and choice, but there is community. I hope for this group to grow over time so that you continue to see that you are not alone.

I have been in many deconstruction or exvangelical-type communities. It's a delicate experience when we are all trying to UNFUCK our minds and set ourselves right side up again. We can clash, our painful experiences can trigger others and we can simply just need to be heard without a solution.

Being in a community like this requires a level of self-awareness and other awareness to know how to interact in ways that move us ALL forward.

I didn't create this group to be the last stop in your journey. It's not a place to whine and do nothing. I want to see you heal into a forward-living life.


Now I don't believe we have to arrive at a new religion, or set of spiritual beliefs or have the answers...that would be counterintuitive to the work I do with my clients. Not arriving is part of the healing. BUT if we enjoy the sorrow and pain enough to not seek curious unlearning, then we will likely find ourselves in deep pain so much longer than we need to be. We are here to heal will be messy but so was what we came from.


PLEASE NOTE: I understand the need and benefit of having a community in the deconstruction journey. That is what this space is for. I will not be coaching in this space but will be engaging in conversations as a community member like you.  I may host a free webinar or drop supportive free things into the group along the way. If you would like to work with me in a coaching relationship, feel free to reach out! My offerings are available on here on my website 24/7.  You can also subscribe to her free podcasts for more curious unlearning.

Let's Unfuck our minds so we can LIVE!!    

We are beta testing an exciting new way to be a community through a new platform on NAS.IO (if you're familiar with NAS DAILY...this is them!).

I'm super excited to be among some of the firsts to roll out in this platform so together we will see what kind of fun we can create here.

If you experience trouble accessing the page initially, please email me at and I'll make sure to get you in!

UnFuck Your Mind Community

Now Open...

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