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Through Line

An Oracle Deck For Spiritual Awakening

Artwork by Emma Eberle

Mediations by Jessicah Travis

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Hi! I'm Jessicah and I created this deck with Emma Eberle as support, encouragement, and empowerment for your journey of curious unlearning and deconstruction. I, too, have been on this journey for many years now. Like you, it comes with cost, pain, and amazing freedom.


It's also the most spiritual experience I never had inside the church walls.

I wanted this deck to usher you into a new season of spirituality...beyond the demolition of toxic beliefs.

Through Line is a journey to find spirituality outside of the programming. It's a journey back to you.

Despite the differences between the seasons of your life and the transitions in your beliefs, there are still Through Lines to be found.

The Through Line of your life is a choice of self-discovery. Each of these cards is a spiritual journey for your soul as you discover all the layers of meaning. You did the hard work of trusting your soul to ask more questions and find new ways to believe. Now it's time to awaken to a spiritual life that offers thriving and peace. You will find what you are seeking so look deep into the unseen areas of your soul to find your hidden knowings and longings.

Your spiritual journey is in all of it. Nature. Solidarity. Cosmos. Earth. Hidden Secrets.


Through Line Oracle Deck was designed to offer you an experience defined only by you.

There are layers, meanings, rituals and secrets that lay hidden in both the artwork and the meditations.


Choose the spiritual journey that feeds your soul today, and then return again for another divine meeting.


Just look. Just read. Do Both.

Journal. Share. Embrace. Wrestle. Dance. Cry. Laugh. Get Angry. Be Inspired. Heal.


May you never find the boundaries of your soul so that curiosity may continue to guide, nurture, and amaze you.

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You've unravled from the dogma...

...but what happens next? When you've done the hard and often painful work of deconstructing your faith and belief systems, it's hard to see that a spiritual experience in life is possible without bringing ALL THAT with you.  This deck is designed to offer you space to find your spiritual experience again. It's a way forward into whatever you want to create. It offers you more to be curious about and permission to reframe spirituality in a context that continues to heal you. It's finding the 'throughline' of your soul and awakening it to something vibrant and helpful.

Meet Emma

Through Line Oracle Deck Artist

I met Emma Eberle in Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy in 2019. We have been sharing life and collaborating ever since. I have interviewed Emma (and her husband Vince) on my Connected Podcast, too! Her story has only evolved into an absolute miracle. 

Emma has supported my work on so many levels but she astounds me with gifts of art depicting my voice and story in the world. Her most recent is the Through Line deck. I had reached out to her about collaborating on a new deck of spiritual awakening...the after "The Unfuck Your Mind" deck. She sent me 25 cards full of secrets, discoveries, awakenings, and stories.  She said this was how she saw my work and my voice in the world and all I needed to do was write the meditations for them.  And so I did.

Emma is not only an artist. She is a social worker and rockstar mama who is about to give birth to her second miracle baby. And before doing so, she decided to release her artwork in her new Etsy store.

Emma's Website and Etsy:

Follow Emma on Instagram

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Order Now!

  • 25 card deck

  • 28-page guidebook of meditations

  • Gold sheer drawstring bag

  • Bonus Digital Download of 4 of my favorite cards.


  • $25 USD

  • $5 shipped to your door or free hand delivered (if in Spokane)

  • Now Shipping!

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Questions: email me at

And...don't forget to check out my first deck to reframe the programming you've outgrown.  Check it out!


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