With a story like mine, you can't be the same as you were before...physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.  I decided after my 2nd craniotomy (and final tumor related surgery) it was time to recenter and start a quest to wholeness in a fragmented body. It became "The Year of Jess", as my husband loved calling it.  This year wasn't about getting everything I wanted.  It was about staying open to any and all opportunities to healing my body, mind and soul.  I had no idea what this would look like or where it could possibly take me.  I never dreamt I would find the person that I did.  I had no idea that peace with myself in this new, weird , quirky, strange head of mine was possible.  Could I live without fear?  Could I like the new me? And what would wholeness actually feel like?

Craniotomies and tumors are only a part of a much deeper story.  This is the part of my story that is out in the open for all to see.  It's the WOW part of my story. But it's not my whole story. 

My story has many chapters:

  • losing and finding my marriage,

  • raising daughters,

  • being a pastor's wife,

  • surviving years of naracisstic gaslighting abuse from an employer,

  • being a daughter to an estranged father,

  • fighting for and finding a loved one lost in addiction,

  • leaving evangelical Christianity while learning the depths of spirituality and bigness of the Divine,

  • AND ... learning to rise above SURVIVING to find THRIVING!

My Love
My Girls
My Grandbaby

My story is unique in its circumstances but my heart is like yours. It fears, hopes, cries, laughs, aches, breaks and heals.  My greatest hope is that I can help guide you through a magnificent journey to wholeness as I was guided in mine. This is just a snipit of my story...a story I am falling in love with more everyday. 

My story and my "Year of Jess" led me you!  I took each opportunity to heal and find myself...and I found so much more than I was expecting. I found Joy, hope, adventure, and new career paths. I have met people that challenged me in ways I could have never done for myself.   My body needed doctors, PT's and Massage therapists.  My heart needed adventure and friends.   My soul needed life coaches, therapists, and new careers.  Learning to listen to what I needed was the secret to my Year of Jess.  Building "Jess" back into one whole being wasn't (isn't) easy, but it was so worth it! Are you ready for your year? Are you ready to explore the beautiful story of you? I hope you'll commit to your wholeness with abandonment and passion! You won't regret it.

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