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Mobile Coaching
Carry me with you as you do life!

Let's support you right where you are...

between meetings

on your drive to work

while the kids are playing soccer

on your lunch break

in the bubble bath

walking the dog

on your run

while you're making dinner

all of the places!

Private Coaching When you need it!

Coaching 24/7

High-touch, deep coaching on your schedule.

Safe Access

Looking for a safe space to process your thoughts and emotions? Voxer coaching might be just what you need. With 24/7 access just between us, you can take all the time you need to find the right words to describe your experiences and dreams. Don't hold back - the growth and breakthroughs are endless.

High Touch

Hearing your voice, your story, your struggles and your hopes allows me to see your soul in an authentic space. I get to hear how you process emotions and the strategies you live by. I get to hear you! I will be looking for the through lines and the limiting beliefs that can help set you free to live the life you are longing to live...on your terms!

No Limits

No limits, Friend!

No time limits. No limits on the day of the week. No limits on how many voice memos you can leave me. No limits on what you want to explore. No limits on the future you design.

No limits on what is possible!


Get Voxer.

Voxer is a free app that works like a walkie-talkie or a voice memo without having to share your phone number with me. You can voice memo, text, send pictures and "like" comments or memos. I use this little beauty while I'm supporting my one-on-one (private) clients.  This allows us to dig a little deeper between our sessions together (or as a stand-alone). It's high touch, in-depth private coaching all on your schedule!


Tell me about you!

We will discover where you are, where you want to go, and move in the direction of your soul! I've coached and been coached in these spaces and it can be some of the most beautiful breakthroughs you can experience. You take the lead and I will guide you to your goal. I will find your limits and help you liberate from them. 


Live your best life!

It's your story to write and my coaching will guide you to living it! Your beliefs, strategies, programming and experiences have been writing a story for you, but I will guide you to choose your beliefs and strategies so that your programming is transformed into a way of living you LOVE! This is living in liberation. I won't hold back so that you aren't held back. I will reflect to you what I see and hear in your story so that you can write a new chapter that feels authentic and genuine. It's not easy work but I know you can do it!

Transformation on your terms.

Monthly Subscription

24/7 Access

Free App

Private coaching when you want it!

Private 1:1 Virtual Coaching
(a coach in your pocket)

Safe Space For Authentic & Honest Processing

Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Religious Trauma Coach

Working from Home

I am no stranger to coaching and therapy.  I spent more money on therapists over 2+ years trying to clarify my life and within 3 months of Voxer coaching with Jess I had more clarity, understanding, and healing than I ever did in all those therapy sessions.


Working with Jessicah’s has not only healed my relationship with myself but it has improved my marriage, how I show up as a mother, and how I grow my business.

I can’t express how grateful I am to Jess for all she provides. If you get the chance to work with Jess you are one lucky human!

Liz, Therapist in SC, USA

Let's start Voxing!
Voxer Coaching Package:

Voxer Subscription Includes:

  • Voxer Coaching on a monthly subscription. Start and end when you want. Recurring monthly payments you can cancel anytime.

  • My Voxer Coaching hours: Monday-Friday 7am thru 7 pm Pacific Time.

  • Helpful resources and meditations along the way to support you.

  • If at any time during our Voxer Coaching, you can choose to transfer any prepaid amount to a 1:1 Coaching series or program. 

  • For a limited time, 24/7 access for $247/mo. Now thru June 15, 2024. (Regular price is $500/mo for 24/7 access)

As with any digital communication, there are limits to the scope of coaching work that can happen.  If we reach one of these limits, we can look at an Immersive Breakthrough or 1:1 Coaching series.

Your Investment:
(recurring monthly payments)
$247/mo usd
if you register before June 15, 2024
Have more questions before we get started? Email me!
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