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Because everyone needs a moment of support...

…And I can offer you that!  Below is the link to my schedule for next week. I've opened up 3 days, Monday-Wednesday January 23rd - 25th,  for private 1 hour coaching calls at NO COST. 


I've had a strong impression this month that I just need to open up my schedule to support humans…with no cost, no commitments to other things I'm doing, and without obligation to say yes to me in the future.  I just want to make myself available to coach you exactly where you are today.  I want to support you wherever you feel a bit stuck…a limiting belief about yourself, a dream you want to move into, a difficult relationship, or your deconstruction journey…'s up to you!


Just schedule below. I have a limited number of openings over these three days, so make sure to grab your spot quickly.  I look forward to spending time with you this week!

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