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SHE is Africa

Updated: Mar 9

I will carry with me....

I'll carry with me the hope of new days and new adventures.

The magical essence of Africa is soul piercing. Can I go to another place on this earth and receive such a gift?

I will carry with me her sunsets and sunrises that end one story and begin another.

She fills the soul with WILD! She lets brave flourish and peace flow.  How does Wild and Peace exist in the same space?

Africa knows.

She knows the balance of the opposites and finds space for both.  They need each other so that each can be fully experienced.

Her heart beats from the earth with a voice of "See Me!"

She makes sure that everyone who steps foot on her red dusty floor recognizes the sound of her voice for the rest of their days.

She is not timid or ashamed but instead wants every valley, peak and shadow to be known.  Deeply known.

She fears nothing except the unbeliever.  So she screams her essence until they find belief in her WILD untamed heart.

She is quiet and loud.

She is peace and rush.

She is life and death.

She is brave and fear.

She is beauty to all yet all see something unique, something different.

She is intimate with each soul not sharing the same secret with everyone.

She reserves her secrets for those who want to unfold mystery.

She gives openly but not freely. We pay our dues to know her.

We come to her hem skirt offering one of our own secrets so that we can mutually share our mysteries.

When she is ready,  she unleashes her balance of power and strength.

Her robe holds the tiniest details of color to the whooping of the laughing hyena.  One offers art and one consumes death but both create her full palette of life.

She is not peace without wild.

She is not hope without the rest from yesterday.

Tanzania... you are as simple as you are complex.  I hope to forever learn from your grand feminism.  You live on your terms and from your essence.  We partake and taste your beauty by your rules.

Queen of the World is who you are and you showcase it unashamedly.

May I learn from you and be like you - in my own essence, in my own wild, in my own peace.

I will carry with me your Magic.

I will carry with me the profound story of six women who were unleashed in Tanzania, Africa.

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