What I Learned In The Year of Jess

Part 1

I've been mini-blogging (posting on Instagram) as I process the many things I learned in my Year of Jess.

Gathering the lessons, inspirations and Ah-Ha moments of a journey doesn't happen in one sit-down. Sometimes we have to step back from the experience and watch, feel, hear the changes of who we have become. That's how my unpacking is happening....and...I literally still have my suitcase on my bedroom floor NOT fully unpacked. To completely unpack it, might just mean I'm finished. And I'm not finished yet.


Things I Learned In The Year of Jess ✨

After a year of intently exploring personal change, I realized I have the ability to LOVE MYSELF with or without change. BUT I love the spaces I’ve created for myself to be an even BRIGHTER version of me....and that required change.


Things I learned in the Year of Jess✨

Difficulty, hardship, pain, loss , illness and the list goes on. These things ask so much of us. The energy it takes to manage even one of these things can often shut down everything in us except what is absolutely necessary to cope. It takes great intention and choice to open up each sense and embody the moment we are in. After many years of surviving like a queen, I decided it was time to pass through pain and hardship completely present.

It’s scary. It feels impossible. It makes you think you’re weak because you FEEL so much. But it also makes you feel strong...because you truly know who you are. I learned that by being present in my pain that I had a super power. Being present - mind, body and soul- is like walking on water or passing your hand through a brick wall like it’s air or it’s like standing with your hands on your hips, legs shoulder width apart, head held high and cape flowing in the wind.

I learned I was freakin Wonder Womxn!


Things I lear