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Welcome to Boundaries For Thriving

A Message from Jess and the introduction to our course.

What To Expect
  • Lessons go live each Sunday at 1 am PST. You will need to be logged in here at my website to access them.

  • Weekly Zoom Calls are Thursdays at 6 pm PST (don't worry, you'll get a reminder email with your link the day before.

  • Join our private Facebook Group here. Meet others in our course and ask questions along the way. I will pop in twice a week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) to comment and post with you. 

  • Journal prompts (aka The Work) will be posted in each of the lessons, but I will also be posting them in our Facebook Group and would love any discussion that comes up for you around these.

  • If you have questions along the way, you can email my team at or post a question in the private facebook group for our session together. I won't be answering course questions in DM's. It's very hard to make sure your questions are answered promptly via DM's.  I will be looking to support you by email and our facebook group.

Bonus Support

If you would like additional support during this course, I offer Voxer Coaching. This is a walkie-talkie or voice memo platform where I can offer additional support, encouragement, and coaching.  If this interests you, please check out what is available to you during this journey. 

Voxer Coaching

Let's get started, Lovely!

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