It's Time To Party!

Fellow Humans....Casey and I are having a party.


At this party we will celebrate life.

At this party we will welcome everyone no matter your color, your country, your identity, your sexual preference or your bank account balance.

At this party we will reserve a space for you.

At this party we will give the mic to the voiceless.

At this party we will honor those of you who have been held captive by small thinking.

At this party your differences will be celebrated.

At this party your thoughts will be as equal as our thoughts.

At this party you will find evolution.

At this party you will be free.

Our party is about our choice to leave behind thought, idealism and theology that serves only a few.

Our party is about our choice to embrace love by way of justice instead of by fear.

Our party is about leaving behind Evangelical Christianity and embracing a Love that Wins!

Many of you have communicated your disappointment in us, in our family, for how we have abandoned our faith and Christianity. You've called our expressed opinions "disgusting", "betrayal", "heretical", "anti-christian", that "we don't love God", that we are "pro-abortion" and on and on. These are powerful things you have said to us. These are damaging to both us and to yourself. So I think it's time to be very clear about who we are and who we are not.

We are up to your expectations and nor do/will we try. We have done that for a very long time at the cost of our family, marriage and mental health. We do not strive to be or appear to be holy. We know this would make you a lot more comfortable with us if we did. But we are not consumed with your comfort. You are your own responsibility.

We are not...republicans. And because we are not republicans, this does not answer the question you have about whether we are still Christians. You may need to learn how to separate those two things.