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Unleashed Mastermind...

Find Your Voice.
Unleash It.
Tap Into UNLIMITED Possibilities!
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Live A Liberated
Is this you?
  • YOU have found yourself compliant with programming and relationships that do not align with you...BUT you want to rise out of it.

  • YOU are ready to own yourself but may have a lot to risk relationally, spiritually, and socially. You need support to make this journey.

  • YOU want to be done with fear and limits.

  • YOU are ready for liberation and freedom from patriarchal and oppressive ways of living. 

  • YOU are SO over playing roles. You are ready to live into something more expansive than "the way it is"

  • YOU want to stop doing the same things over and over again because you want something different, even if you can't name it yet.

  • YOU look quiet to the world, but you are ROARING in your spirit. You have so much to express and offer.

  • YOU want to separate from old stories that may or not have been written by you. You want to write a TRUE story.

  • YOU want to feel confident in who you are and like yourself for all the uniqueness you possess.  

  • YOU may be a bit lost, feeling like you can't quite answer that question “who am I”...but you want to!

  • YOU want to dream and you want your dreams to come ALIVE!

  • YOU want to stop surviving life and start THRIVING!


I get it.

Everyone around you lives in a certain way. A certain story. It's the way life is done...or is it?

I spent 40+ years living the storyline I was taught to live. The story I was expected to live. The story that I was convinced was the right way to live.  But somewhere along the way, I realized I was no longer the lead in my own story.  I was just living out a script. The problem with a script is that you have to play a part. You have to become the character that's written into the story. 

I couldn't do it anymore. I was feeling really claustrophobic. The space around me was getting really small and closing in faster each day.  I would look in the mirror and no longer recognize who I saw.  She looked empty, hollow.

Then it happened. I was driving in my jeep looking for a mental health hospital. I thought I was going crazy.  It didn't seem to matter what I thought or liked or wasn't what "they" wanted.  I would have these recurring dreams of chewing bubble much gum that I spent my whole dream trying to pull it out of my mouth just so I could talk.   


And THAT WAS IT! I had lost my voice. 

I didn't know how to say YES to me.

I felt guilty for any kind of self-care. Everyone else came first.

I had thoughts and ideas but didn't have a place for them to be heard.

I was learning all kinds of things but had to keep them secret from the church or my husband would get fired (true story!).

I started blogging until it was brought before the church elders for my heretical and unbiblical ideas. (I simply questioned if God could be more good than what we were being taught and what might that mean)

I had become really good at taking someone else's vision and putting legs on it. I could hear what they wanted and make it happen.  But I was tired of building dreams for other people. I had dreams too.

I wanted to run into a wide-open field and scream really loud until I couldn't scream anymore. But I was seriously too afraid of what scene I would cause.

I was raising my family in the spotlight of the church and was tired of never quite doing it good enough.

I had become a great partner in ministry to my husband but a numb partner in love. I didn't know how to feel anything very real anymore. 

The expectations were killing me!  And many of those expectations were coming directly from ME!

I WANTED A WILD LIFE WITH NO LIMITS! Who could I be in a wild and untethered life?

I wanted to dance naked In the moonlight and not feel guilty for it!

(We all have something that represents liberation. This was mine. Don't knock it till you try it!)

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This was the hardest, bravest work I've ever done!  But I didn't do it alone.

I hired a coach.

I surrounded myself with people who weren't afraid of me being me.

I stepped away from my programming and the social groups that encouraged it.

And then...I said YES to me...for an entire YEAR!

I wrote a new story. The story that was always in me, waiting.

I let it get buried by louder narratives, fears, circumstances and cultural expectations. Before I knew it, I was sitting on the sidelines surviving a life you’d rather be LIVING in.


I took my pen back and started writing my story with confidence and trust in myself, allowing me to create a life I could THRIVE in!


That’s what is waiting for you in this Mastermind!

What if you could dream it up and ACTUALLY make it happen? No matter how crazy the dream seems!

What if saying YES to you was just your normal day? Or a normal YEAR?! We can plan a Year of You and see what impossible things become POSSIBLE!

What if you could untangle yourself from everyone else's beliefs about you and find out who you are all on your own?  I would be right there with you!

What if you could leave fear behind and claim your own future? Would you dance naked in the moonlight too? (I did do this, by the Africa during my Year of Yes!)

What if you got to live life the way you wanted to? Quit the job. Sell the house. Move to Greece. (It's your dream but I'm just sharing some of my dreams to inspire you!)


I did. And I can help you untangle all of this, make it ok with everyone for you to be you, and help you stop living other people's stories. I will help you write the Story Of You!

Find Your Voice and Unleash it!
In this Mastermind...

You will learn how to identify the cast list of your story that is taking the lead roles in your life. These aren’t just certain people you know. These are systems, cultural traditions, your inner critic, and beliefs that direct the way you see and identify yourself. This is your programming and we are going to have breakthroughs that won't take you 7 years of new habits...we're going to do this in THIS mastermind. 

We won’t stop there, though! You will learn how to live within this new expanding story of you with confidence, resolve, and adventure! This is where dreams come true! Don't know what your dreams are? We will find them...together! You don't need to know your dreams to be in this space. You will be exploring all the possibilities and the impossibilities to discover what it is YOU WANT!

A Liberated Story is Unleashed Possibilites!
Let's Unleash it!

Your story

Your dream

Your healing

Your self-love

Your joy

Your freedom

Your passions

Your agency

Your wholeness

Your truth

This Mastermind is designed to set you free from narratives that no longer serve you SO THAT you can live the wild and abundant life you've been longing for!

Each month we will focus on a new pillar that will guide you to mindset shifts that allow you to separate your story from their story. We don’t rush this process because we need time, resources, support, and a playground to make the shifts.


Time and community are your allies in this journey. You will be able to trust your inner voice, your knowing. You will be ready to manifest your dreams and set boundaries that put self-love and self-care back in the driver's seat. 


No more passive living.

No more suppression of your desires and dreams.


You will be ready to take on your future with creativity and deep trust in yourself. You will be better equipped to navigate difficult relationships, work environments, and belief structures with authenticity and alignment.

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Stop Living Their Story
And start writing yours!

The story you live will be on your terms and it will be written with your truth, your pen. You get to decide what you keep and what you let go of, but I will be here to challenge your programming and mindset to find what is holding you back from all that you are wanting...because it IS yours to have. I am living proof of this!

You will become the Hero, the Lead, in your story.
The Unleashed Mastermind is a 7-month Immersion to LIBERATE the story you want to live. won't be writing a literal story, like writing a book. You will be jumping time, space, and circumstances to build the life you want to build. You get to change the course of whatever you want, however you want. It's your life on your terms.

You won’t be embarking on this journey alone. The Mastermind is an intentionally small group of women who are ready to rewrite their story just like you.

We will spend 7 months together in a private online group setting to unleash the true story of who you are and what life you want to live.

The Pillars

The work is real and the reward is a story of you that you fall in love with!


Assess your current storyline (deep work here!)


Create Your Values

(your new ISO)


Identify the narratives and programming you currently live by (your current ISO: internal operating system)


Change the Focus and

Reframe your future.


Filter your programming and address your Inner Critic


Manifesting Your True Story right into reality!


I can't wait for this part!! This is where your impossible becomes your new possible!

Who Am I?

I am the one who threw out the big girl panties and built my boundaries.

I am the one who gets 1-Star Ratings on her podcasts because she's pissing off all the right people!​

I am a survivor of the Pastor's Wife's life.

I am the one calling out the Oppressors so we can ALL heal.

I am your ally to liberation and freedom.

I am a human who has healed herself more times than she can count. 

I am the one who chose sight-saving brain surgery...twice.

I am a fucking Lionness with a really loud roar!


My story has many chapters that have evolved me into a woman who calls Bullshit on the "way it's supposed to be".  I've learned how to de-program from toxic and hurtful beliefs and practices, but even more...I've learned how to coach my clients into clean and supportive breakthroughs.  The kind of breakthroughs that change the future!

I have been coaching women through new mindsets for the last three years, but my coaching began over 20 years ago as a teen mentor. This evolved into coaching runners in 2014. Coaching has been a way of life for me. I am a Certified Master NLP (neurolinguistic programming) Practitioner and I look forward to bringing all these skills, practices, and processes into my work with you.

Oh...and I'm also a nomad.  I live my life on the road with my husband of over 27 years. We are traveling the world together! Remember when I said that a liberated story is unleashed possibilities? Well, I'm living it. We dreamed our way right into a new way to live this life. So don't be surprised to find a new background on each of our zoom calls.


My story is still being written and you get to be witness to it! I encourage you to click through my website and listen to my podcasts. I share so much of who I am and give you snippets of the kind of work I do.

I'm the one you see living my wild life!

Are you ready to live YOUR
Wild Life? 
I don’t know if this is the right time for me to make a big shift.

Can I just say, waiting keeps you locked into someone else’s story. Although there is work ahead, the personal agency you find in owning your story changes everything. You will rise up and uncage the limitless possibilities of you. Stuck will no longer be part of your vocabulary. You will face transitions with confidence and alignment because YOU TRUST YOU!  You will find the roadblocks and remove them. is always the right time for that!

You Are Worth The Investment

Giving yourself priority and resources is not easy to do...especially when you're not used to doing it.

Your first step was clicking on my website. Your second step is right here, right now...reserve your spot!

I believe YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

Some of my deepest work has happened inside Masterminds. I not only had a coach but I had other women/peers building into me and my dreams.

You wouldn't be on this page right here, right now, if I hadn't said yes to investing in me.


Your next step is to register below. I'm not marketing this far and wide. This is small, intimate, and mostly by invitation. If you are at all interested, reserve your spot!


Here's What You Get!


  • 7-month coaching container on a private group platform. (a $7000 value)

  • Limited Enrollment - this Mastermind is capped at 15 so that I can dive deeper with each of you over the 7 months.

  • Coaching and Peer Mentoring. You will be an active part of each other's story development. You don't just get me, your coach. You get other beautiful women who get to know and see you just as you want to be experienced. You have no one to live up to in this are free to come as you are. I guarantee you that you will be inspired and you WILL inspire. (an invaluable value of what you give to each other!)

  • Two zoom calls a month to support the work we are doing and for coaching. (a $13,650 value)

  • Optional Voxer Support. Individually developed areas of focus to help you navigate a forward direction and to release old stories. After registration, you will be given the option to add on Voxer Coaching to your Mastermind which will support you during the 7 months.

  • A monthly rollout of resources to support the Unleashed journey. This will include audio downloads, action items, journal prompts, and more...all done at your own pace. (a $5000 value)

  • Pay in Full Bonus: A 1-hour private coaching session with me to focus on your individual journey. We will strategically schedule this during our 7-month Mastermind. AND a pay-in-full rate! (a $1650 value)

  • Bonus: Downloadable Boundaries For Thriving E-Course. Pre-Recorded course to help you liberate your time and space. Once the Mastermind begins you will gain lifetime access to this course to do on your own time. (a $200 value)

Total Value: $27,500 USD
Don't worry! This isn't what you will pay for the Fall 2022 Mastermind.
Scroll down for Pay-In-Full pricing and Payment Plans.

Note: This value amount has been calculated off Jessicah’s 1-hour coaching rate of $650 USD/hour, plus the price of the coaching programs outlined if you should purchase them alone, in-full)

What My Clients Say

The biggest change I've witnessed is my willingness to SHOW UP for myself. One of my goals was to find joy in my day and I truly make an effort to do that. My relationships have improved because I am HAPPIER and bring a BETTER ENERGY to the people in my life.”
~ Athena P.
"Amazing. Divine. Supported. I have no problem dreaming and creating goals for myself.

The Part You've been Waiting For

Select The Plan that Works best For you

BONUS: Downloadable Boundaries For Thriving E-Course for Free!

$2997 USD*

$571/mo USD*

$333.08 /mo USD*

Have questions for me?
Apply below and schedule a deep dive call with me...we can answer your questions!
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